AI Industry Game-Changer: Quanda Francis and AI Word Wiz Corp. Launch Pioneering AI Tools in Over 40 Countries

Ayman / April 20, 2024

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AI Word Wiz Corp. Debuts its AI Platform Globally, “focused on transforming Industries and Upskilling 1 Billion People” AI Word Wiz Corp. Debuts its AI Platform Globally, “focused on transforming Industries and Upskilling 1 Billion People”

The AI Word Wiz platform is more than a product; it represents a story of innovation and impact”
— Quanda Francis

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2024 / — AI Word Wiz Corp., a pioneering SaaS enterprise, is excited to announce the global launch of its AI-powered platform across more than 40 countries, including the United States. The visionary tech entrepreneur, Quanda Francis, is at the forefront of this ambitious initiative, aiming to democratize AI technology and upskill 1 billion people worldwide.
Beginning with the mission to transform key sectors like accounting, healthcare, business, and education, AI Word Wiz Corp. introduces over 150 unique AI-powered features.
Addressing the critical shortage of accountants in the U.S., AI Word Wiz is set to enable businesses to rapidly prepare annual reports and financial statements in under two minutes, reducing the workload of accounting professionals. The platform stands out in financial reporting with its speed, precision, and reliability.

In healthcare, the AI Word Wiz’s goal with the AI Medical Information Assistants will be to offer collaborative healthcare delivery solution that help subscribers with tasks such as interpreting blood test results, performing symptom analysis and developing meal plans. “We empower individuals to take an active role in managing their health and well-being. By leveraging the power of technology and AI, we are revolutionizing healthcare delivery and making a meaningful impact in the communities we serve”. Francis stated.

“AI Word Wiz is transforming education at every level, beginning with support for K-12 students through the AI Homework Hero, which offers homework assistance and multilingual translation, helping non-English speaking parents engage in their children’s education”, Francis stated. For K-12 educators, the platform provides tools to effortlessly create lesson plans and other essential documents. At the collegiate level, students benefit from advanced features aiding in research tasks, while college professors receive support in generating syllabuses and other course materials in seconds. The launch of the TuitionExt platform demonstrates the company’s ambition to upskill 1 billion people, equipping educators across all levels with rapid document creation capabilities, thereby enhancing the overall educational process.

Strategically disrupting the market, AI Word Wiz competes with industry giants like Microsoft’s Office suite and Adobe’s creative software, offering AI-driven office tools and content creation capabilities. The AI Engineer feature, capable of generating code in various languages including Python, positions AI Word Wiz as a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses. The platform offers over 20 specialized domain assistants, the provide advice in areas such as cybersecurity, legal and technology, enhancing projects with unparalleled expertise, potentially cutting consulting cost in half. Its multi-lingual support feature further breaks down linguistic barriers, fostering global connections.

Quanda Francis, the dynamic leader behind AI Word Wiz Corp., brings her extensive experience, including co-founding CereSync Corp. and the AI Technology Exposure and Court Culture Basketball Leadership Academy, which the NYU – Tandon School of Engineering served as it inaugural location. Her vision, focuses on empowering and educating through AI, as seen in her creations like AI Homework Hero and the Cognifund’s Fiscal Friend, “The AI Word Wiz platform is more than a product; it represents a story of innovation and impact”, Francis stated.

Recently recognized as one of the top 20 enterprise software companies and startups to watch in 2024 in the FGS Community, the AI Word Wiz Corp. is redefining industry operations and revolutionizing how we work, learn, and heal.
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